Monday, August 24, 2009


I can't even type how excited I am that I will be getting married in two months!! Mentally, I'm there. I think this is in part because the process of change has already begun and I am ready for the hard work of that process to be over with. You see...I am realizing that there is a lot of hard work involved with the decisions made and the plans set in place. This is exhausting...

Jonerik and I love people. This is one of the reasons I love him, he has a beautiful heart for people in his life and I am very blessed in the relationships that God has given me. This presents a problem, however, when we are getting married and want the whole world to join us in that special day. For this reason I want to have a big wedding. It doesn't have to be fancy, long, extremely unique, traditional...but I want it to include a lot of people that we love. Which is excellent in my mind...but to make that happen, well I'm not sure I have it in me. I have a lot of people offering to help, but some things can't be delegated or are not easy things to ask for help with.

I realize that details will fall into place and somehow, some way, a lovely wedding will happen in two months. Trust is a key word in this process. Surrender is another. I have never thrown a party this big, and with this much meaning.

We originally planned to get married in Lancaster. Then about three weeks ago, we changed the location to Philly. This was done for several reasons which I truly am very happy about. We wanted the community of Kensington that we are connected to, to experience this with us. We want our wedding to be a testimony of God's amazing grace and sovereignty. We want to start our lives together in a place where we will be living and serving and worshipping. We want people who aren't from Philly to see where our lives will be taking place. I want to have special memories with my family in this church building and with this church family intentionally. I want this transition to take place in a location that means a lot to both of us.

This was decided after we printed a stack of invitations to the wedding in Lancaster. No problem, we just printed more with the different location. God is in all of the details and while I thought it was mistake that I had bought too many invitation kits (at Ollie's for a great deal!!) it was plenty for us to make two sets. We just used some of the extra programs...anyway...that's too much to explain on here. The point is...we reprinted the invitations.

When my parents came down for a weekend to help me stuff envelopes and get this massive mailing out somehow a few of the old invitations to Lancaster got into the new invitations to Philly...eek! I have no idea how this happened, but it did and I now don't know who got the right/wrong invitations. So needless to say we are sending out a second mailing to many people (that I can't reach on the internet) to make sure they know the right location.

As I said earlier, God is in the details. Somehow He will use this for good, but in the moment I am frustrated by the extra work that this requires. It really is going to work out fine. My parents are going to work on a mailing and I am going to work on a massive message via internet networking - praying and charting to not miss anyone!

There are still a couple of holes in my know little things :) heh heh.

God reminded me today through a blessing that He knows the needs we have and with His help we will make it through this together with Him.

In two months I will be in a 'new world' and I can't wait. But I am working to enjoy the journey because I know that these little things make a difference in the bigger picture. And I also know that it will be worth it. I love that I can testify to God's goodness in all things, even in making wedding plans. He cares and it shows.

Also, J. got married this weekend! Her wedding was beautiful and we had a great time celebrating with her. Another page is turned...


Kelly said...


Helpful Philly hint to find cheap wedding flowers (if you're into DIY flower arrangments)....Produce Junction has great flowers and Cut Flower Exchange of Penna in Conshohocken is where I got mine, you can go look at them and preorder from their wholesale warehouse.

Happy Planning!

Kelly "Hough" Brewer

Kirsten said...

I CANNOT wait!!! do you have your dress yet?

It's the Little Things in Life said...

Thanks Kelly! I'll check it out!

Yes, Kirsten. I have my dress :) ...and I can't wait either!!!!