Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"You can be replaced you know..."

When I was a little girl I remember my dad commonly saying to me, "You can be replaced you know!" I don't know where this came from or where it started, but I do remember always knowing that he was joking when he said it. My dad let me know from the beginning that he loved me and so I kept the sense of security in that even when jokes like this were made.

He stopped saying that to me, however, when I had a dream that he actually took me to a big building in Lewisburg (I still remember the dream vividly) and did just that. He took me in to drop me off and replace me with another little girl! It was such a horrible dream and when I told my dad about it, he immediately stopped joking about it, even though we both knew that would never happen.

It is a strange feeling in life to know that you are "replaceable". Never in life should we give in to the pride that tells us that we are the only one that could do a specific task. Surely God has a plan for our lives and is intricately preparing us for what lies ahead. But there are times in life when someone else is to take over or your path is meant to change and God has other plans for the task you are leaving behind. It is reassuring and unsettling at the same time, because it is so easy to find our identity and worth in what we are doing, not in the God who created us. And when we find worth in a task or a role that we possess, we are taking glory from the one who gave it to us. We are to be finding our worth in Christ and giving the glory to God in the tasks and the roles that are ours.

With change there comes a certain level of humility required. I am praying that God will root out that pride that has sunk in and I will grow deeper in my appreciation for Him.

Progress is being made on wedding plans. Most of my invitations are getting mailed out tomorrow with a few here or there to follow soon after (that is a big relief...what a project!). A new Family Resource Coord. is being hired soon at work to be trained. J. gets married on Saturday and another girl will be moving into our house in September.

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Chelle. said...

...and there are times and instances in which you are in No Way replaceable.