Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh Canada!

Last week I celebrated Canada Day and travelled North with one of my roommates who is soon to be married and two other wonderful girls. We were on our own island in the middle of a lake (in the middle of nowhere) and no choice but to relax and enjoy God and nature. Rachel's family owns the island and we helped to open it up for the season.

We had lots of great adventures on (and around) this island including:

Boating - and hiking (yes that is a Cornerstone shirt)

Water skiing, picking wild blueberries, canoeing, and yes...shooting a potatoe gun out over the lake! (I included this picture because you can see the sheer joy on Frank's face behind Rachel. He was thrilled to show off his potatoe gun and watch us thoroughly enjoying our experience)

The best thing about this trip was feeling God's presence through His beautiful creation and resting in his greatness.

I am in love with the God who created these things and am so grateful I was able to drink it in for a few days.

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