Sunday, June 14, 2009

4 Months

4 more months of my weekly commute.

Most weekends I make the commute to Philly to spend the weekend there. I come back on Sunday or Monday to re-enter life in Lancaster. The contrast is amazing to me every time I make the trip. I find myself leaving urban Philly with people everywhere, traffic, prostitution and drug dealers 'doing business' night and day, and run-down buildings that have only a history. Within an hour I am driving on the back roads to Lancaster were I pass Amish buggies, one room schoolhouses, farms, and can go miles before seeing another car. I don't live out in the country in Lancaster, but driving through it on my way back is a stark contrast.

Most of my Lancaster life is lived in the commercialized sections of the area and in the 'city'. Lancaster city is a miniature version of bigger cities. It has all the elements of a bigger city like Philly but on a much much smaller scale and it seems to have less intensity because of that.

I was just talking with someone who recently was in Paris and some other European countries and she was thrilled to see others worshipping God in Paris while there. It was a good reminder to me that our God is universal and He does not live in a specific location here.

I am ready for this weekly commute to be done. For my two worlds to become one, even though that means I am leaving one and saying goodbye to many great friends, a good job, a patient and loving church, roommates that I love, and my routines. God is preparing my heart and I know that when my 4 months comes to a close I will make the changes necessary with joy.

There is so much to be done in 4 months...

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Carisa said...

I'm ready for your 2 worlds to become one too ;)

Great way to express how you are living right now and the changes that are coming...