Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soundtrack of my life.

I love when music highlights actual events going on in my life.

For example...about a month ago I was getting new tires put on my car and as I'm waiting...in the waiting room...I decided to read the paper. The paper was a few seats over so I moved down and picked it up. At that moment I realized that the bright sun was beaming in on me as I sat in that chair so I moved over one. Still beaming. At that exact moment "Blinded By the Light" came on the radio. No joke. No one else was even in the room.

Another great moment like this happened to me today. I was shopping at CVS (of course) and was looking at Band-Aids when an elderly woman moved past me. I say 'moved' because she wasn't quite walking...wasn't quite jogging...she was moving on her tip-toes. It seemed obvious that she was waiting for some kind of prescription and I'm guessing she was trying to increase circulation or something along those lines.

As she is 'moving' past me, the song "Dancing Queen" comes on the radio! I know this might be a stretch in you mind if you weren't there in the moment but I found it hilarious to watch this woman 'moving'/dancing/walking on her tip toes up and down the isle to this song. It was even better because she wasn't shopping she was just doing laps up and down the isle. I don't think she noticed the song, but as the lyrics played I realized that she probably was "having the time of her life."

One more reason to love shopping at CVS.

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