Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March - In like a lion, out like a lamb...right?

March has been a full month for us, but not excessively full. We are trying to balance our time as a couple in the beginning stages of marriage (today does mark month 5). The transition has been an incredible one and we have seen the grace of God in each step.

You might be wondering how I am doing on my overly ambitious challenge of setting goals in each area of life. Well I am winning some and losing some, lets put it that way. But I'm not giving up and working to fulfill as many as I can. I have finished 3 books so far! Mirror, Mirror, Sacred Marriage, and Same Kind of Different as Me are the books, all very different and all very good. I would highly recommend Same Kind of Different as Me for anyone to read. I will admit Jonerik came home to find me curled up with that book and a box of tissues (he was really confused) it is very moving.

I am really behind on my training for the Broad St. Run. I have about a month to go and I am still not where I want to be. The cyst and some other things threw our exercising off but I think we can tackle more this month and will pray our way through the run.

We hit two benchmarks today.

1. We gave away our big brown van (affectionately known as...well...the turd). It was great for Jonerik to have while we were dating and I'll admit it would be convenient to have around now if we wanted to take groups of people somewhere or take all the nieces and nephews to the park, but it wasn't worth the insurance money and the money we would eventually need to put into it. It was a blessing for a time, but we felt it was time to pass it on. We had hopes to give it to someone in the recovery ministry here, but that didn't work out as we had planned. Instead we were able to give it to someone who had their car totaled in an accident last week.

2. We bought a computer for home. I know that this is a very controversial issue for a lot of people and just to let you know we are not die-hard fans either way...yet...but we bought a Mac. My last HP computer(s) was a messy situation and their tech support was not a good experience to say the least. We did some research and finally landed on a refurbished iMac. It was a little more money than a PC, but from what I'm learning it should last us a lot longer and there are some other benefits as well. We were blessed with some extra money recently and felt this would be a good use at this stage.
This is good news because now I can do more work from home. Jonerik has a laptop that he uses for work and for church things. He uses it for quite a lot and is helpful in his research, lesson prep, sermon prep, and worship with the teens and church.

We are still praying about my involvement with Kensington and Cornerstone and where God is leading. For right now it seems like he is saying, wait. The ministry of being. I'm taking this time to invest in my relationship with the Lord and with my husband recognizing that there will probably never be a stage in life quite like this one.

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Shannon said...

I'm glad you are taking your time to find out what God would like from you while here in Kensington! You and JE are very wise! I really wish i had done that in the beginning! It would have saved a lot of stress and arguing! I praise God for you being here!