Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Highs and Lows

We've had some ups and downs in the past few weeks. We are adjusting nicely to married life and I am enjoying Philly.

About a week ago we had a blast with some of our family. We went to the Giggleberry Fair at Peddler's Village in New Hope. It was our nephew's 5th birthday so we partied it up in a giant child/adult playground. Here are just a few pictures!

This was fun because we could play with the kids and get more involved. It is a three story, 6 level climbing/sliding area. There was also an arcade and a carousel.

On the flip side, we recently had a scare. I started to feel some abdominal pain two nights ago. I took some pills and put some heat on it for a little while, but it only progressed and got worse throughout the night. I got a little sleep but not much. By morning I knew something was not right and Jonerik took me to the ER. After and ultrasound and some examining they informed me that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. OUCH! There was a lot of fluid in my body and that was making it very painful and hard to breath deeply (let alone do little things like blow my nose or cough). They gave me lots of fluids and some pain killers and sent me home saying it is just a matter of resting and "pain management" at this point.

Jonerik has been so wonderful helping me in any way he can. I am still walking bent over most of the time and at half of my speed but I am able to blow my nose now (progress!) and do lots of other fun things like laugh carefully and put my own socks on. As they were doing my ultrasound I said to the doctor, "This is probably a lot more exciting when there is a baby inside!" He agreed. (No worries, they tested me, no babies yet)

We are both so grateful that it was not more serious and that no surgery was needed. God has been faithful and is helping me push through.

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