Friday, September 25, 2009

"You have the wedding planned by now...right?"

Heh heh. Sometimes people mean well and say some absolutely ridiculous things. I am one of those people, so there are not pointed fingers here.

I am working to enjoy this journey in each phase and each step. I am incredibly blessed and if this process has taught me nothing else, I have seen just how supported and loved Jonerik and I are. I work with women every day who have few, if any, healthy supports in their life. Family, friends who have left or who had been cut off and now there is little to no relationship remaining.

I am taking a moment this morning to thank Jesus for family, for friends, for future friends, and for a church full of people who have open hearts and ready hands. I am grateful.

On another note...I realize that my blog has been quite boring. maybe I'll try to spice it up in the near future. Maybe in about 2 months =) So until then I will do some more thinking on what to write.

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Chelle. said...

You've always got my support!,... its illegal...or immoral... ya know....
ok jk.
I got your back, babe.
love the pic. thanks.
...We cant see too far down the road... but its looking pretty good from here...