Thursday, February 12, 2009


Almost two weeks into my training I thought I would give you a little update.

As far as running and keeping to the schedule I'm doing well. I missed a day because I was sick, Tuesday. This was not a good day to miss, but I don't think it will set me back much. Sunday was the longest run that I've done so far and it was (drum roll please.....) 4 miles. I would not have done it with the steady encouragement from Jonerik...even if it seemed annoyingly easy for him. It was very helpful to have accountability and encouragement through the process.

Nancy and I have been running here in Lancaster during the week. We try to run outside in the morning when the weather is nice enough for it. So far we have gotten two good days out of the past two weeks. On other days I go to the gym. I missed "Pizza Night" and "Bagel Morning" at the gym this week....shame.

I have not done so great on my other goals, there is still more progress to be seen in those areas, but I have confidence that they will become more essential and more of a reality as my training continues.

Life is starting to get busy again. The schedule is starting fill up. I feel spoiled this month because while I'm still doing many things, I have some time to myself. The weekends aren't planned and we can take our time figuring out what we will do.

March will be a different story.

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Shannon said...

Great Job! Four Miles! That is amazing! I don't think I could do that! Maybe I'll try this summer. I need to start getting Matt and sarah into running - or at least walking. Keep up the great work!