Monday, February 2, 2009

And so it begins...

Today was the start of my training for the Broad Street Run in Philly (a 10 mile run), which is held on May 3rd this year. I am not an avid runner and I think this challenge will be a big stretch for me. I did do the Jingle Bell Run in December, which was a fun moment in life. The thing about training is that it takes a lot of discipline...a lot of sacrifice...and endurance.

I ran three miles on the eliptical tonight, which was a good and simple start. It is fun to me to think that doing the eliptical is now a break in my mind. When I run on the treadmill, I feel like it takes more work because it gets boring and pushes me harder. The eliptical is like getting a treat...even when it is 3 miles at a time. I find myself thinking to myself - "If I run hard today...I'll give myself a break on the eliptical tomorrow". And because that is a part of my training I can do that. If someone told me that that would be my thought process a few months ago I would have told them they were crazy! So this gives me hope.

Hope that it might not be as ridiculous as it sounds...10 miles.

Regardless...this is gonna take some work...

I am working on some other goals to go along with this ambitious feet of a 10 mile run. They run along the same line as the discipline concept that will be needed. Two of the goals include:

1. Being in the Word every day. I am hungry for consistency in this area of my life with Jesus.

2. Drinking more water daily. I am going to limit myself to no more than one cup of a caffeinated drink per day and will push to drink more water. I am looking into getting a cool water bottle because we all know that a lot of this is a mental game and well...I'm silly like that. It's the little things in life, right?


Brad said...

I eliminated caffeine entirely two weeks ago today. I feel so much better since then. Drinking more water now.

Trish said...

The girls and I started our Broad Street training yesterday! We "ran" 2 miles (walked probably half of it, but that's okay...its only day 1). It's definitely going to take DISCIPLINE (not a strength of mine), but we can do it!!