Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last night I wrote a beautiful summary of some things that are going on in my December business. For some reason...I pushed the back button, which then proceeded to erase my whole blog. It included pictures and everything! I had a horrible flashback to those days in college where to spend the whole night researching and typing a paper only to find that it didn't save right on the computer and you have to do the whole thing again.

So this is a shortened version of my life in the past week or so...

This past weekend was a little out of the ordinary to say the least. I stayed in Lancaster because there were a few things going on.

Friday night was an Alumnae Christmas Party for work. I drove two of the teens from Lancaster to the party (held in Gap, PA) so that they could participate in our teen programs. I helped the director of the Girls of Hope program do crafts with about 16 teenage girls (artwork displayed here).

Later that evening I got to see a good friend who has been out of state for quite some time. She was only at our house overnight so I had from 12 to 1 to catch up on her life. I needed sleep after that and I left the house in the AM before she was up.

Saturday morning I drove to Harrisburg with my running team...the "Jolly Joggers" (I know, I know) to participate in the Jingle Bell Run! This was my first 5k and I was pretty nervous because I hadn't been training as much as I had hoped. Sadie and I ran together though, and I was able to run the whole thing in 32 minutes! Thank you to all of my supporters.

Saturday afternoon I stopped in to see some friends from Sunbury that are now married and living in Harrisburg. It was great to catch up and see their new place. They are the kind of friends that aren't pushed out by time or distance in terms of comfortability. We sat in at their dining room table for hours and just talked about life. We hadn't seen each other in months, and it was like no time had gone by at all.

Saturday night I went to Sadie's house for a Christmas party with some friends. This party had a theme....a Hillbillie Christmas. Yes, that's right. It was a great time of food, games, and fun.

Sunday morning I went to the Christmas concert that my church was putting on and I met my parents in the area for lunch afterwards. They were going to a church in Harrisburg and stopped in.

I got a much needed nap in.

Sunday evening we had the Mosaic gathering in our house.
I am always challenged by this group to dig deeper and find the true meaning of having a relationship with Christ without the "church culture" calling the shots. This is in the development stage and I am praying about my level of involvment and where God wants me in this picture. I am definetly excited about what God is doing in this group and the hearts of the people that I have met. They are broken and genuine people that are seeking the heart of God which is very refreshing. I am praying that God will use this experience to bring some healing for me as well.

Monday night was our Lancaster Christmas Party for the families and the mentoring groups that I work with. There were about 200 people attending. It was a busy night, but completely worth every minute. One of the mothers that I have been meeting with for over a year asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could do a surprise for us at the party. She surprised us with a song that her and her 6 yr. old daughter sang..."When You Believe"...from the Prince of Egypt. She thanked our organization and then some of her mentors. (more on the party later)

Tuesday night was "Christmas Night" at our house. We got a real Christmas tree from a friend on Monday and that night we put it up and decorated our house. I love the girls I live with! We sang and danced and decorated. Good times.

So that catches you up a little bit. I tired just reading all of this and am so excited for Christmas to come. I am hoping to get caught up on some things while I have some time off. Until then I will keep pressin' on. Keep me in your prayers, we have some difficult decisions to make at work in the next couple of weeks. My main prayer is to be able to discern truth. This has been a struggle for me in some areas and I long for wisdom.

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