Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Impressed

So Yankee Candles usually have scents that are amazingly close to their "flavor". I don't have a large candle collection and because I have gotten some free Glade candles recently (thank you Walgreens and CVS), so Yankee is not a store I frequent. But I was very impressed by a Yankee air freshener recently.

It started last year at Christmas when one of the girls I live with was sweet and got me a Gingerbread air freshener for my car. I love Christmas and everything festive so I was excited to try it out, but I had a different air freshener at my car at the time. So I put my Gingerbread goodness aside and waited patiently. A little too patiently, apparently, because I quickly forgot that I had it.

Just in time for Christmas this year, I found it in my room. I didn't know if it would even have a scent anymore, but I would hate to waste a Yankee air freshener so I waited until the next morning and opened it in my car before going to work. It still had some life left in it so I cautiously opened the top of the package. (I learned the hard way that you shouldn't take the whole thing out at one time...trust me on this one).

So...why am I impressed? Because not only do I think it's amazing that they can make an air freshener that smells so much like a gingerbread cookie to begin with...but because they were able to realistically capture what a stale gingerbread cookie would smell like...after the freshness goes away.

Yes, my car currently smells exactly like a stale gingerbread cookie.

I am even more impressed that they have magically discovered how to pause the aging scent from moving into "moldy gingerbread cookie".


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Shannon said...

You are too funny! I would never have imagined that the scent would go bad! What a let down!