Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is this real life?

I am close to getting my computer back...I can feel it. It may be as soon as next week. Perhaps I will feel more inspired to blog about where life is taking me when I am back - up and running.

This past week I was blessed with an amazing trip to the Bahamas with Jonerik and some great friends from Philly! I can't begin to describe how beautiful this past week was. God has shown His extravagant love for me and I am overwhelmed. Some highlights of the trip: flying through a rainbow as we landed in Miami, jet-skiing in the Bahamas, snorkeling with lots of fish and two sting-rays, my face hurting every day from smiling and laughing too much, a beautiful talk with Jesus between two hearts in love with Him. Hopefully I will be able to share some great photos with you soon.

I am now back in Lancaster. There is a lot to re-adjust to. I am challenged tonight to pursue patience in my life and the character contract of "Perseverance" that I chose a while back is taking on a new meaning. I am waiting until I go back to work on Monday to think about work issues. I am trusting God that He will be faithful in providing what is needed. I love God and the inside things that He shows me and ways that He loves me.

Tomorrow is a day for me to re-organize my life in a way that prepares me to bounce back from a vacation that gave me a break from my life here. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, registering my car, making plans for inspecting it, and yes...napping. I am hoping to accomplish some of those things.

My heart is seeking God tonight and yearning for his clear direction in my life - a fresh way to respond to His love.

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Parke said...

I'm really glad you're having these great experiences, Emily.