Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One of my roommates and I are sitting in our living room after coming back from a walk. Yes...sometimes we walk after dinner like old married couples in the suburbs. We came in and sat down on the couch, me checking my facebook, and her playing tetris on her cool new phone.

About 20 minutes later we both realized that it was very dark and very hot in our house. I finally got annoyed at squinting to see the number keys on the keyboard and realized that not only was our house hot, but I had a hot lap top sitting on my lap (go figure).

It took me all of three seconds to get up to turn the light and the AC on. (I am praising God that I have those two luxuries readily available) My roommate simply says..."Why didn't we do that 30 minutes ago?"

This week it seems like my "To Do List" seems to have grown longer than usual. The back of my car still needs to be repaired, my computer won't start right (why I haven't posted in a while), I need to do laundry, etc. etc. My caseload has just reached 10, which is suddenly very overwhelming to me. There are other things happening in life as well that seem to crowd the plate. Good things. But things.

Sometimes I need to be reminded to take care of myself. I am selfish enough to make sure I am mostly comfortable, but that doesn't mean healthy or replenished. God has intended for us to love our bodies and our minds. This is the instrument He has given us to use.

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