Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Last week I had the incredible opportunity to give away a large gift.

A woman called our office saying that her mother recently passed away. She had this car that she barely used and this woman did not know what to do with it. She called to see if we took car donations and if we did, how that worked.

Across town, there was a single mother of two who is 9 months pregnant. She struggles to meet the demands of raising her children alone and being the sole provider. Just two weeks ago she looked me in the eyes and told me how scared she is to raise these beautiful children all alone.

She is in our Prep process, which means we are not able to offer her financial assistance yet. She has been patiently waiting for a mentoring group to be trained and for us to help with her search for a new apartment. The only means of transportation that she has right now is from her ex who is not completely dependable.

The decision was made to make an exception for her with this donation because of several circumstantial reasons.

On one sunny afternoon last week all of us met at a notary. The donors were very happy to know that the car was going to someone with a genuine need. We were very happy to be able to help this mother who has her hands full.

The woman didn't really know what to do/say.

She looked at me after the transfer was complete and the girls were exploring the backseat of their car. She started to say "Thank you" over and over. With tears in her eyes she said,

"You have no idea what we have been through in the past year.
Thank you so much.
This will make our lives so much easier.
Thank you!"

It is moments like that...that make it all worth it. To have even just a brief moment of meeting a genuine need through the Body of Christ.


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