Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Years! As we start 2010 I thought I would briefly update you on the last month of our lives. I am short on pictures right now and we are having some technical difficulties so I apologize, but will try to post some fun pics soon.

December was busy as it is for everyone. My computer seems to have died (or at least the screen, and it is a laptop) so I need to play with it a little more to see what the problem is exactly. For right now we are down to Jonerik's laptop which is mostly for work. Blogging and Facebooking has slowed for me a little, but I can't complain.

Our Christmas and New Years were wonderful! We spent Christmas day with Jonerik's family and had a great time watching the kids open their presents. Jonerik read them a story first and they were very patient as they waited. I was surprised when they started to ask why the story wasn't longer! We had dinner at his mom's with some good Puerto Rican dishes.

The Tuesday after Christmas we went back to Victory Valley Camp for a reunion. We had a great time visiting with old friends, getting caught up, and playing some hockey and volleyball. Jonerik and I met at that camp when we worked together the summer of 2001 so it was fun to go back as a married couple. What memories!

That night we went to my parent's house in Selinsgrove. By Wednesday afternoon my whole family had arrived, My oldest brother and his girlfriend, the other brother, his wife and baby, my parents, and my Great Aunt. We spent New Years Eve together playing games, eating food, playing with Ellie (my niece) and building a 8'6" snowman in the backyard! There might not have been any snow left on the ground when we were finished.

We (most of us) stayed up to bring in the new year and the following day we travelled to NJ for a bigger family Christmas. These times are always so special because they are so rare. One of my brothers lives in TX and the other lives in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife and baby. To have us all in one room at one time is amazing. Andrew and Alanna were able to come home for our wedding and then stayed for the holidays while doing some things with their "organization".

I have started my modelling career (haha...ok maybe not) by helping a friend who has just started a new line of fabulous clothing. Shera Simon has launched her designs on and asked me to model some of her scarves and shirts. Jonerik even modelled a few last time! She now has clothing in three stores here in Philly and sells online as well. Shera also sings on the worship team with Jonerik and I and she is a very gifted friend.

We are now back in Philly and are preparing for a year full of discovery and adventure. I am still adjusting to a new way of life in a new place and yes, I am still loving my new life. We are praying and seeking God's direction in our lives and what He has for us here in Philly. We are praying about the possibility of increasing out support raising efforts which would give us the opportunity to serve together here in Kensington. Jonerik has worked at Cornerstone full-time for over three years now and has a vital ministry which is unique because he grew up in this neighborhood and has gone through the teen ministries at the church. Cornerstone is placed in the heart of a community that is faced with a lot of financial difficulties and so the staff need to raise some of their own funds. We know that God provides and that He is calling us to this work, so we are seeking His leading on what steps He is asking us to take.

2010. So much has happened in the past year it is hard to think of what may happen in the upcoming year. We place it in God's hands.

Thanks for reading, I hope to keep you a little more connecting in the future. I am also working on getting our wedding pictures onto a photo site so you can view them. Check back in soon!

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