Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exciting Things to Share!!

There have been so many exciting things happening right now and it's just so hard to summarize after not posting for so long. I will do a top 5 in no particular order:

1. I made $10.00 at CVS tonight:
Garnier Shampoo
Garnier Conditioner
Garnier Styler
Cheerios (my fav...multi-grain!)
Lucky Charms
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Schick Quatro Razor
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste
Phyisician's Formula Foundation
$53.00 ~my total (do you really think I would pay that?...please)
-$5.00 ~of manufacturer's coupons
-$27.00 ~of Extra Care Bucks from last week + $10 off $50 CVS coupon
$18.39 ~Total with tax after sales, coupons, and ECB's.
I was given $28.00 in Extra Care Bucks (good as cash) ...yeah yeah.

2. God moved quickly and clearly yesterday in providing housing for a single mother I am working with. Here is how it worked - This woman needs to find housing be mid-April. We made a list (as I do with all the women) of needs and wants in an apartment. I had just been looking for housing that morning and was quite discouraged because I was finding nothing that was in the want or need category. I prayed in frustration and took a break.

That afternoon, I received a phone call from a couple in Lancaster County who is looking to rent out an apartment on their property. After talking with the wife, I quickly realized that this included all of her needs...and wants! This came down to the little things like a washer/dryer hook-up, it is on a farm with animals, and it is less that 4 miles to where she works. We went to look at the apartment that night and it was perfect. The price is unbelievably reasonable and it is in the prefered school district.

At times God chooses to move swiftly and precisely. Beautiful.

3. My brother, who lives in Turkey got a ridiculously cheap plane ticket to come to America for the weekend! I haven't seen him since Christmas and New Years of last year because Parke (my other brother) and I were blessed to take a trip to visit him. He hasn't been to the states in at least 2 years. I feel very close to my brothers, but don't get to see them often and I am so thankful for each and every moment with them when I have them. My sister-in-law who is pregnant and due on May 5th wasn't able to travel, but I was grateful for her willingness to share him for a weekend.

4. I have discovered Google Docs. Technology is simplifying my life.

5. I am struggling to keep on track with my training for the Broad St. Run because of sickness, but I am feeling good about where I'm at and can run 4 miles fairly comfortable now. Never thought I would be able to say that (PS - I will take this opportunity to brag that my boyfriend ran 8 miles on Friday...yeah...8!).

I'm clearly focusing on the positive in this post...there are other things that have been on my heart and in my prayers that have not been so great, but there is purpose in it all...but despite it all:

~I love my life~

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Shannon said...

Isn't God so good? Thank you for your positive attitude! I love reading your posts!