Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sense of Accomplishment

If you haven't read the book,
"The Framework for Understanding Poverty"
by Ruby K. Payne I would recommend it. A very helpful in building
my understanding of how people view the world and themselves.

When asked if I am a "people-oriented person" or a "task-oriented person" I am always torn. There are days when I feel like I thrive off of conversations and relationships that I have with those around me. Then there are days when I feel renewed after achieving tasks, checking things off of a list.

I have realized that I am proned to write out lists and post-it notes for just about everything in life. Organizing and cleaning are not only stress relievers for me, but seem to have become essential ingredients to my sanity.

If I'm honest, I find my self-worth increase or decrease often times by how much I have accomplished in a day. When I have an evening to myself, I feel very lazy if it is mostly spent relaxing. Some of this is just the need for routine duties like cleaning up after myself, paying bills, laundry. A strong reminder of the source of my self-worth is not to be found in accomplishment or relationship with others, but it is to be found in my relationship with Christ. I realize this, but how does that play out in my life?

There are extremes to any viewpoint and I am big on the concept of "balance". There must be a balance in life between feeling fulfillment in having meaningful conversations and relationships with people and finding fulfillment in accomplishing tasks. My scales need to be re-evaluated.


"What is your dream?"

I was recently asked this question. I am led to evaluate what things in my current situation motivate, drive, and refresh me. What is it that I thrive off of? I didn't know how to answer that question and am now seeking what that answer might be. I wish I knew.

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