Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I was driving home from work tonight at 11:00 and was grateful to God in a familiar, yet new, way. I had just spent the past several hours with a 23 yr. old woman and her three children. The newest girl to the family was born about 2 weeks ago.

I held the precious newborn for the first time tonight.

This mother is not getting much sleep and is now faced with the challenge of caring for three little ones while she heals and moves into a new place. Her new mentoring group is wonderful but there is only so much they can do. The father works overnight and has been somewhat helpful during the day.

As I drove home I reflected on where I was in life. This woman and I are the same age.

I thanked God tonight for sparing me from the pain of lost and broken relationships that could have been abusive and harmful. I thanked Him for protecting my heart. I thanked Him that I was not responsible to raise children alone and I pray that I will never be in that position.

A woman raising children on her own is not natural. That is not how God intended our society to work. I am convinced of that.

This woman is a great mother and she will do a great job at getting back on her feet. But that doesn't change the fact that she will struggle without the natural support of a husband. I pray that God will have mercy on her and those precious children. And I thank Him for my singleness. I am not always satisfied with my singleness, but tonight I realized that it is a gift. Hopefully I will not always be single, but for the time that I am, I need to be grateful for the freedom that it brings. Someday I hope for children....someday far down the road.

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