Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Personal Day

There are a lot of days when I feel the weight of other's pain, their burdens. Some days I can let it go. Then there are days like today...

Learning more about a woman who was using drugs while in our program
A completely discouraged phone message from a depressed professor with good reason
A muffled phone message from a participant who sounded terribly off answer when I called and called back...
An rushed invitation to live in Turkey for 9 mo.
A two hour appointment with a very pregnant, desperate, 23 yr. old woman who is scared to raise her two, soon to be three, little girls all by herself.
Possibly four women dropping out of the program within the past 6 months (one may occur soon)

Oh God...wisdom...that is what you were teaching me about this morning. Wisdom? Who am I to be used by You? I am only 22. I have no to little experience with most if not all of these issues. Why am I here? Where in the world are You going to take me and am I going to have to go alone?

I think I need a personal day...

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Parke said...

The reality that you never learn till living it is that people with the drive to make the world a better place, regardless of age, are rare. And as a result you'll find yourself giving advice and even leading people your parents' and grandparents' age that have abdicated their role of responsibility and leadership. It can be a very lonely thing sometimes, but it's also a small measure of success. You're doing things that hundreds, thousands or more will ultimately be better off because of. Many have chosen not to do so and miss out on really living life.

I'll be praying. Make sure you give me a call sometime soon. I'd like to hear more about life and the new offer.